Follow These 6 Steps to Prepare Your RV for Winter Storage

Winter is approaching, which means it’s time to winterize your RV. Simply follow these six steps to prepare your rig for winter. Alternatively, if you prefer to outsource your RV maintenance, contact 101 RV Rentals at our Los Angeles location. We provide 5-star RV storage, maintenance, detailing, and repairs.

6 Steps to Prepare Your RV for Winter Storage

1. Empty the Cupboards

First things first: empty cupboards, medicine cabinets, and storage areas of food and liquids. While California is not known for its cold weather, it does occasionally dip below freezing during the winter. Liquid items can freeze, crack, and leak in cold temperatures, leaving you with a mess in the spring.

2. Interior Cleaning

A well used RV is a dirty RV. As such, after a long season of camping, your RV is due for a good cleaning. Vacuum thoroughly, mop the floors, and wipe down all surfaces. Not only does this provide you with a fresh, clean start to next year’s camping season, but it also deters mice and insects from taking up residence.

3. Deep Clean the Fridge

While emptying your cupboards, it only makes sense to empty the fridge as well. Once emptied, give your fridge a good scrub, inside and out. Dry the interior thoroughly and prop open the door to prevent mold growth during the winter.

4. Drain the Tanks

Next, and possibly most importantly, empty the tanks and bleed the lines. This step is crucial to preventing frozen pipes and a damaged plumbing system. After draining the tanks, fill them with antifreeze according to the manufacturer’s directions. If you are uncomfortable performing this task, 101 RV Rental will gladly take care of it as part of our winterization services.

5. Cover the Tires

Constant exposure to the elements takes a toll on RV tires. Therefore, we recommend covering the tires during winter to prevent cracking.

6. Cover Your RV

Similarly, to protect your RV roof and body from the elements, we suggest purchasing a quality cover. This will protect your rig from fading, unexpected leaks, wind storms, and other weather-related damage. To prevent water from pooling inside the cover, periodically shake out the cover during the winter months.

Schedule Maintenance

If winterizing your RV doesn’t sound like much fun, schedule maintenance with 101 RV Rentals instead. We offer an array of RV detailing and winterization services that will have your RV clean, fresh, and ready for storage. Additionally, we offer RV sales, trailer delivery, and more. Call us at (805) 210-7391 for more information.


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