RV Repair and Service

Repairs can be a hassle, but with 101 RV Rentals behind you, there’s no reason to fret. RV repair is in our nature and providing our customers with the very best RV service is something we take pride in. If you would like assistance with any of your motor home problems, call us at (805) 210-7391 to speak with an expert today.

  • RV Maintenance
  • Detailing RVs
  • RV Repairs
  • RV Solar Panels

RV Maintenance

Proper maintenance is the key to RV longevity and enjoyment. The perks of owning your own RV make it difficult to imagine yourself without one, but improper and irregular maintenance can make that a reality. At 101 RV Rentals, we make sure you and your RV are set for the road to, well, anywhere. We do work on electrical and plumbing systems, perform spring and winter preparations, install solar paneling, and replace parts where necessary. Don’t let a minor issue turn into a catastrophic one. Come to us instead.

RV and Boat Detailing

Your boat or motor home can be an extension of your own personality, so why not make a good first impression? With our detailing services, you are guaranteed a shiny, glossy, and completely clean vehicle for your next sea voyage or road trip. Our technicians work diligently to remove rust, clean fiberglass, vacuum, and buff your vehicle’s way back into the spotlight. Ask us about our spring setup and winterization services as well.

RV Body Work

Aside from engine work, we perform most RV body repairs at our California premises. With great attention to detail, our mechanics always produce professional results. We remove scratches, repair dents, fix cracks, and replace RV parts and accessories. If you’ve encountered some auto body damage, call the damage control experts at 101 RV Rentals and let us patch you up.

RV Solar Panels

Want an efficient, clean way to bring energy to your RV? Introducing solar panel technology to your motorhome will increase the battery life of your RV — all from the energy of the Los Angeles sun! Without using generators, you’ll have a quiet journey for years to come.

Schedule Your Service Now!

If the Los Angeles season is changing or your next vacation is just around the corner, make sure you come to us for all of your RV repairs. Don’t wait until it’s too late; contact us at (805) 210-7391 today. In addition to our motor home repair services in Los Angeles, we also offer our services to customers in Orange County, Santa Barbara, and Ventura, including trailer delivery to several approved campgrounds in the area as well as a secure storage lot and many used RVs that can be purchased.