RV & Trailer Rental FAQs

Do I need to reserve a campsite before booking a trailer?

It is a good idea to reserve a campsite before the trailer as campgrounds can be very busy depending on the time of year.

Can I rent a trailer for 1 or 2 days?

No. We have a minimum of 3 night rental.

Why is 3 night minimum rental period standard for trailer rental companies?

Most all RV resorts have a 2 PM or later check-in time & a 12 PM check-out time. If you rented an RV for only two nights on a typical weekend and went to your local RV resort, you could check-in on Friday after 2 PM.

However; many people can’t leave on Friday until after work. You get to spend Saturday enjoying your rental and then on Sunday morning, you would need to pack up your belongings and exit your space before 12 PM! Your weekend adventure turns into a one day expedition.

When renting an RV for THREE NIGHTS, you can arrive Friday, spend all day Saturday and all day Sunday at the RV resort and then leave as late as you want Sunday night or Monday morning. This allows you to make your weekend adventure a TRUE WEEKEND ADVENTURE!

Shortly after your departure we arrive at 10am to pick up your trailer. You do not have to wait for us to arrive on your check out day. Just pack up, sweep the trailer, do your dishes and depart.

What does the trailer include?

Delivery, setup, trailer orientation, basic kitchen items, broom, 4 rolls of toilet paper, approx. 90 gal. fresh water, 90 gal. grey tank capacity, and 45 gal. black tank capacity, generator w/ 4 gallons of fuel, propane, pickup, and cleaning.

What do we need to do before we leave?

Clean kitchen items that were used, wipe countertops, sweep trailer, and remove food and garbage.

What is the generator used for?

The generator is only used:

  • At non-hookup campsites
  • To recharge trailer batteries and provide 110v power to the trailer
  • To get power to any of the outlets or items in the trailer that require 110v power (i.e. A/C, TV, microwave)

What do the 12v trailer batteries power on the trailer?

Lights, radio, and water pump.

How many gallons is the hot water heater?

10 gallons.

What items in the trailer run on propane?

Furnace, refrigerator (elec./LP), hot water heater (elec./LP), stove/oven.

Why is it important to watch my tank and battery levels at non hookup campsites?

– Because you are responsible for your water consumption and not over-filling your grey and black holding tanks.

  • We do not re-supply during your trip.
  • Because you do not want to let your batteries fall below 1/3, as you need battery power to operate the 12v items (see above).

What should we bring?

Bedding, towels, BBQ, chairs, bikes, surfboards, games/beach games, firewood, etc.

Do you allow dogs?

Unfortunately, we do not as we have many customers with pet allergies. Any evidence of dogs/pets will result in forfeit of your security deposit.

What do I do in the event of an equipment malfunction?

Please call for assistance immediately: (805) 210-7391.

What time are trailers delivered to campsites?

Between 2pm – 5pm.

What time do I need to be out of the trailer on my departure day?