Make Your RV More Efficient with Solar Panels

Summer is in full swing, and if you’re like other RV owners, you probably have many camping trips behind you already for the season. If you have wondered in between your travels whether there is a way to make your motorhome run more efficiently, 101 RV Rentals has the ideal solution for you. We offer affordable solar panel kits and complete systems for your RV that are a more efficient power source than generators. Let’s look at some of the benefits of solar panels, which make them a worthwhile investment.

RV Solar PanelsSolar Panels Are Low Maintenance

Let 101 RV Rentals help you harness the intense California sun with one of our solar panel systems, an efficient way to bring energy to your RV. Fortunately, they are actually quite easy to maintain. Without all the complex moving parts of a generator, solar panels need only regular cleaning of the system’s glass for maintenance.

Solar Panels Sustain Optimal Battery Life

RV batteries typically have a lifespan of two-three years. When the battery is drained during a trip, you likely recharge it with your generator. Did you know that the voltage never returns to 100% that way? When you switch to solar power, you will experience optimal battery levels using the sun’s power.

Solar Panels Give You Peace & Quiet

No one enjoys the constant loud hum of a generator. Using solar panels will give you the peace and quiet missing from your camping experiences. You will no longer have to endure the loud noises and unpleasant fumes that accompany your RV trips and instead can feel liberated in your newfound tranquility.

Call Today for More Information

Whether you are ready to invest in solar panels or need to replace the ones you have, 101 RV Rentals can help you with either of the two solar panel systems we offer. Our professionals can guide you to the best solar panel system for your RV and any other RV services or repairs you may need. Contact us today at (805) 210-7391 to learn more about our solar panels or request a quote to rent a travel trailer for your next trip. We serve Santa Barbara, California, and beyond.

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