Travel Trailer Rentals Make for Safe, Hassle-Free Camping Trips

Now that 2020 is finally behind us, it’s time to start planning for some fun in the new year. No need to stress over details – simply request an RV rental from 101 RV Rentals in Simi Valley, and we’ll deliver a clean, late model vehicle to one of five gorgeous SoCal camping locations. Camping has never been easier!

Travel Trailer Delivery for Safe, Hassle-Free Camping Trips

Benefits of Camping During a Pandemic

Because of COVID-19, traveling has felt unsafe and impractical for most Americans. Camping, however, offers a safe way for people to get away. In fact, camping, when done properly, is considered one of the safest activities a person can engage in during the pandemic. Transmission rates are much lower outdoors, social distancing is easier, and everything you need is contained in a clean, safe travel trailer.

Tips for Safe Camping

By now, you are probably a pro at social distancing, wearing a mask, and hand hygiene. Continue these practices while camping, even if you are not in contact with many people. Similarly, take a hygiene kit with you so you can keep your hands and personal items clean at all times. Furthermore, plan ahead to avoid last minute runs to the grocery store or pharmacy. Careful planning will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest without compromising on health and safety.

Hassle-Free Camping

Renting a travel trailer from 101 RV Rentals takes the stress out of camping. Simply reserve a campsite, book a trailer, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our trailers come equipped with basic kitchen items, a broom, toilet paper, full tanks, a generator, and propane. We even take care of delivery, setup, pickup, and cleaning – all you have to do is show up!

Where to Camp?

We deliver travel trailer rentals to the following coastal campgrounds in California:

Our company is the only RV rental business permitted to deliver trailers to the above campsites and beaches. Each of these locations offers beautiful views, sunshine, fresh air, and room to move.


Don’t hesitate: reserve a campsite at one of the above-mentioned locations and request a reservation with 101 RV Rentals today. Our travel trailers provide the means for your family to enjoy a safe, hassle-free vacation in LA, San Diego, Orange County, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. For more information, contact us at (805) 210-7391.


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