Maximize the Off-Season with Service for Your RV

If you’re taking a break from camping for the winter, this is the perfect opportunity to get the service you need for your RV. You can maximize this downtime to finally get around to the things you’ve been too busy to cross off your list. 101 RV Rentals is your one-stop RV maintenance, detailing, and bodywork shop. Let’s go through all of the services we can provide to keep your RV in top shape and ready for the next camping season.

RV Service, Maintenance, Detailing, and Body WorkRV Maintenance

Regular maintenance and repairs will help you enjoy many years with your RV. The experts at 101 RV Rentals can repair any problems with your electrical system, batteries, and electronics. But our capabilities don’t stop there! We can also correct plumbing issues, check your appliances, replace broken parts, replace tires, install solar paneling, as well as complete spring setup, winterization, and pre-trip inspections.

RV Detailing

Now is a good time to get your RV cleaned and detailed while it’s sitting idle. We provide extensive services, such as cleaning, waxing, and buffing the exterior, refinishing the undercarriage, shining the wheels, polishing all chrome surfaces, vacuuming the interior, and much more. All of the cleaning products we use are safe for any RV surfaces.

RV Body Work

If you need any RV body repairs, we can turn back time and make your RV look new again. Whether you have a dinged-up door or a bent bumper, we can handle the repairs. We can fix storm damage, chipped paint, torn awnings, leaky roofs, cracked windows, chassis damage, dents, scratches, scuffs, and more. Our meticulous attention to detail will deliver quality results.

Request Service Today

101 RV Rentals will ensure that your RV is prepared for the next season of travels while you plan your adventures. We always like to say that you can let us do the hard work so that you can enjoy the benefits. Contact us today at (805) 210-7391 to request service for your RV. We serve residents in Santa Barbara, California, and beyond.

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