Family Fun in Santa Barbara CA

Are you planning a wonderful vacation for your family? If you haven’t picked a destination yet, Santa Barbara is a great option for eco-minded families. With its plethora of natural resources and ocean vistas, the city offers countless outdoor adventures. Forming an itinerary is an easy task, because you can fit all the attractions into a day. From playing at the sandy beaches to visiting picturesque parks, your family will love spending the day in Santa Barbara.

At 101 RV Rentals, we don’t want transportation to be an issue when you stay in Santa Barbara. With one of our motorhome rentals, your family can effortlessly travel from city to city in California. Instead of having to worry about checking into a hotel, you can start your day off with a jam-packed itinerary.

Our camper rentals have plenty of space for storing bikes. Starting at Andree Clark Bird Refuge, begin the day with a family bike ride along the beachfront path. Not only will you be able to enjoy the scenery, but you’ll also see a variety of wildlife. This 32-acre sanctuary is home to one of California’s most diverse population of birds.

At Chase Palm Park, your children will enjoy riding the old-fashioned carousel. The 10-acre waterfront park also features other attractions that appeal to children, such as the Shipwreck Playground. While your kids let loose at the playground, you can relax as you gaze at the Pacific panorama.
Baringo GiraffeWhen you visit the Santa Barbara Zoo, your family will get an up-close view of rare animals, like the elusive Amur leopards. The zoo even lets you feed the giraffes! Aside from the array of animals, the zoo also features a train that your children will love riding again and again.

You can end your eventful day with a stroll through the beautiful Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. After reminiscing about the best experiences in Santa Barbara, your family can hit the road in a motorhome rental for more exciting adventures in California. Contact us at 877-392-2674 to reserve one of our quality rentals.

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