The Best Storage Accommodations for Your RV This Winter

Whether you are a new RV owner or you’ve had one for years, you may be looking for a place to store yours during the off season. 101 RV Rentals offers the best possible storage accommodations and services for your beloved RV. In fact, we guarantee “TLC for your RV” when you bring it to our convenient storage facility. Keep reading to learn all of the extra services we offer when you store your RV at our facility.

RV StorageConvenient Location for the Best Storage

At 101 RV Rentals, we offer conveniently-located storage accommodations in Simi Valley, Millwork, and Fillmore, that are easily accessible from all parts of Southern California. We can provide you unparalleled, high quality storage services at our upscale facility. In addition to an abundance of fully paved and secured storage spaces, we offer many little extras that will make it well worth your while.

Gated Entrance With Supervised Access

Our RV storage facility has a gated entrance with operating hours of 6:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. where it is open for you to come and go as you please, 365 days a year. Our security system runs 24/7 and our security team actively monitors the lot to give you peace of mind.

RV Detailing, Body Work, and Maintenance

Our experts will perform detailing, body work repairs, oil changes, and general maintenance of your vehicle on site. We also offer a pre-trip safety inspection station at our facility, where you can get a fluid or air fill-up with a pre-trip inspection. When you return, you can dump your RV holding tanks and safely dispose of waste at our dump station.

Other Amenities Available at Our Storage Facility

Be sure and try our “stop and drop” valet service, where our trained and experienced employees will safely park your motorhome into your personal space. You can also refill your vehicle-installed propane tank at our propane station, or utilize one of our self-service washing and vacuuming stations. For your convenience, you can buy ice or firewood at our facility before you take your RV for a trip.

Call Today For More Information About Storage

101 RV Rentals will do the hard work while you enjoy your time in your RV. In addition to RV storage, we also offer travel trailer rental and delivery, RV maintenance and repairs, RV sales, and more. Contact us at (805) 210-7391 to get more details about storing your RV at our facility or to request storage. We provide RV sales and service to customers in Santa Barbara and beyond.

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