SoCal RV Service at Its Finest: RV Cleaning, Detailing, and Maintenance

Spring has arrived, and many RV owners are ready to hit the road. Before you go, though, you need to make sure your rig is clean, shiny, and road-ready. Our team at 101 RV Rentals has the experience and know-how to detail and maintain RVs of all years, makes, and models.

RV Detailing and Maintenance

DIY Detailing

For RV owners who don’t mind a little hard work, detailing your own RV is possible, albeit difficult. RVs are comprised of many different materials, all of which require special attention. Some of the steps involved in cleaning your RV’s exterior include roof cleaning, bug removal, washing the exterior, tire cleaning, polishing, paint repair and sealing, wheel cleaning and polishing, glass cleaning, and adding water repellent to the front glass. And don’t forget about the inside, which needs a good vacuum, scrub, and polish!

Professional Detailing

Alternatively, many RV owners prefer to invest in professional RV detailing services. At 101 RV Rentals, we offer RV detailing at affordable rates, and we are committed to doing the job right. Some of the services included with our detailing services are:

  • Cleaning, waxing, and buffing the exterior
  • Refinishing the undercarriage and surface
  • Shining wheels and wheel wells
  • Replacing windshield wipers, if necessary
  • Vacuuming the interior
  • Removing bugs from the grill and windshield area
  • Polishing all chrome and steel surfaces
  • Washing the roof and checking for leaks
  • Cleaning and adding a layer of protection on the dash
  • Deodorizing, if necessary

RV Maintenance

While your rig is in the shop, allow our team to perform some routine RV maintenance with our spring and summer set-up services. Our experienced technicians will check for leaks, inspect the plumbing and electrical systems, flush water, refill the tanks, check and replace lights, refill the tires, and inspect the battery terminals. A day in the shop will have your RV sparkling like new and ready for the road.

Schedule Service Today

To get your RV ready for your next adventure, come to 101 RV Rentals. We will take care of all of your cleaning and detailing needs along with routine maintenance, RV solar panel installation, and body repair. To request service, contact us at (805) 210-7391.

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