Has It Been a While since You’ve Had Your RV or Boat Detailed?

Perhaps you’ve already enjoyed your share of wonderful memories in your RV or boat this summer. Or, maybe you haven’t even started yet with the fun adventures you have planned for the remainder of the season. Either way, it’s never too late to have your RV or boat detailed so they are ready to shine. The professionals at 101 RV Rentals can make your RV and boat look their best with our extensive yet affordable detailing services, which we will discuss below.

RV & Boat Detailing

RV Detailing Services

At 101 RV Rentals, we understand that owning and maintaining an RV is a huge investment that you want to protect. One of the things our customers appreciate most about us is that our affordable detailing is done right. Plus, all of our cleaning products are safe on RV gel coats and fiberglass surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about your graphics or paint peeling, scratching, or fading after a thorough cleaning. Our detailing work includes the following:

  • Cleaning, waxing, and buffing the exterior
  • Refinishing the undercarriage and surface
  • Shining wheels and wheel wells
  • Replacing windshield wipers, if necessary
  • Vacuuming the interior
  • Removing bugs from the grill and windshield area
  • Polishing all chrome and steel surfaces
  • Washing the roof and checking for leaks
  • Cleaning and adding a layer of protection on the dash
  • Deodorizing, if necessary

Boat Detailing Services

Boats must be well-maintained in order to keep a long-lasting finish and run efficiently. The professionals at 101 RV Rentals can offer the same great service for your boat that we give your RV, and for a great price. We will wash and wax the exterior, remove any rust and oxidation from the hull and sides, clean the interior deck, fish wells, and engine bays (if applicable), and buff it back to its original shine. You won’t believe how good your boat will look after we work some detailing magic!

Schedule Your RV or Boat Detailing Today

101 RV Rentals is committed to providing high-quality services that stay within your budget. In addition to our detailing services, we offer a trailer delivery service, RV maintenance, RV solar panels, and body repair work. Contact us at (805) 210-7391 to request a quote or schedule your service. Located in Simi Valley, we serve customers in the surrounding areas.

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